So now that I’ve spent some time bebopping around the galaxy, I couldn’t help but notice that EVERYTHING has lights.  And I mean everything!  From tables, to chairs, to toilets… heck, there’s barely such a thing as a blank wall anywhere to be found!  It all has lights!  Craziness!  So I’ve been trying to create something of a game with myself to figure out what possible uses any of these little lights or controls might possibly have.  I guess some could be for controlling lights or just a back massager, but really, there’s just so many more than uses.  And what’s with the little scrolling marque thing on stuff too?  There are tables with them just on the side… Do they give stock updates or something?

Oh man, and don’t get me started on gear… My bounty hunter has so many lights on him, he looks like a big ol Christmas tree!  Which is fine if you’re in the festive mood, but if you’re trying to sneak up on some jedis, then being glow in the dark may not be such a good idea.  Yeah, I get it, we’re trying to look true to the series, which unfortunately was made back in the days of mod and strange ideas of future tech in sci-fi, but most of it seems very impractical, even by low budget scifi standards.  I think that might be my biggest beef with scifi from this era is the emulation of future tech.  Most of it was done in the design of large bulky machines with whirling gizmos, blips and beeps, and more lights than the Las Vegas strip.  Decorative I think is the key word here, not functional.  But then… idk… it bugs me that all of our current technology, whether it be in military use or space exploration, has a massive lack of style.  I mean, I grew up with all this crazy scifi stuff and when they finally do have space ships and whatnot, they’re all purely functional… no style at all!  Maybe I just want to see a little of each side rub off a bit on the other, cause the next space rockets NASA comes out with better have some cool looking stuff… sure it’s not practical, but dangit, light em up!  >)