So I guess the dust has settled a bit now, but a few months back the TV was chock full of terrible commercials “promoting” the Republican candidates.  To tell you the truth… I have no idea what any of them actually stand for.  Instead, I know more dirt about them then I’d really like.  Waaaaay too much info!  So what happened to our country?  When platforms mean nothing and the goal of your campaign is to sling as much dirt as you possibly can.  Worst yet… It’s their OWN TEAM!  They’re all on the same side!  What’s wrong with them all?

Though my favorite thing is that it IS their own team, and all that mud they’ve thrown around at eachother only works against them in the big election.  I mean, don’t they think all that junk is going to come back on them?  All the Democrats have to do is re-air all those commercials by that Rep’s opponents back in December.  Sigh… I wonder if ol Lincoln had to deal with this…  ACTUALLY, after doing some cursory digging, it seems this is nothing new!  The first recorded (that I could find) was back in 1828 when John Quincy Adams handed out smear pamphlets about Andrew Jackson attacking his moral character and even calling his mom a prostitute.  And the first radio smear campaign was in 1936 by the Rep. party.  Oh, but don’t get all huffy, the Dems do it too!  They all are jerks really.  Someday, I suppose, we’ll get to a point where we’ll actually elect people with good ideas, not because of their mud… well, unless I become president, where I do away with elections and just have an all out mud wrestling brawl.  Winner takes office!  It’d be way more entertaining than what we got now… heck, it’d probably result in better presidents.  Heh!  So… I’ll see y’all in the pits!

(Further reading, some historic negative campaigns)