Heh… I always wondered what it was for!  No really, with all their technology, what possible need for an antenna is there?  Heck, just look around now, most new things out don’t even have the classic looking stick thing… cars, cell phones, etc…  Ah well, least he wasn’t getting a large package or something.

Alright, this week’s discussion point… Character naming!  How do you feel about using or seeing folks using names from tv characters, movies, other games, books, etc for their own toons.  I think I’ve seen just about every combination of Boba Fett imaginable.  Well, I guess mostly in the beginning stages of SWTOR… I suppose as the game matures in age those types of things kind of fade out.  But it’s just like in my WoW days, I think everybody at one time or another had some derivative of Legolas.  I’m probably not one to talk, but I guess it seems less annoying if you’re the first one to get the name and use it, rather than having to warp the naming scheme to sort of include it; like Legolas would be ok, but XxLegolossxX is not.  Eh, maybe I’m just nit picky like that.  >)