ps4, play station 4

PS4 Concept (

So have you guys seen the leaked “preview” / rumors of the new gaming systems coming out?  They have some snazzy features, but seem to continue the tradition of being the most obnoxiously shaped objects in the known universe!  See, from early on, the game system developers had a kind of right idea… make it boxy and front loading like a VCR.  Something happened along the way and they all started making them odd shapes.  Shapes that prevent you from putting anything on or next to them.  And that would be totally fine if you only had one system, but I think that your average gamer has at least 2 systems now, if not more.  That’s where the real problem starts.

Xbox720 concept (

See, here’s the thing… DVD players, VCRs, sound systems, etc all have one thing in common… BOXY!  You can stack em up and save space.  A lot has progressed since then, tvs are both bigger and take up less space (figure that one out) than ever before and there’s an empty spot left over from where that honkin VHS used to sit…  But now that we have machines doing more and more and filling up even more roles, it seems like we have even less space to work with.  For instance, a Playstation 3 and XBox 360 can both play dvds(or blueray for ps3)/cds/stream/internets/anything, but they’re so big and irregularly shaped that they can’t be stacked.  Heck, you can argue the XBox can’t even be next to anything remotely flammable or else it’ll arson down your house while red ringing.

Gone are the days you could just have a tower of boxes with your game system on top.  Maybe it’s a function of owning more than one system, but if you look at the preposterously shaped systems coming out, and probable lack of backwards compatibility, then we’re facing a new age where you’ll need a bookshelf next to your tv to store all your systems.  Why can’t they be just simple boxes?  They don’t have to look fancy!  They don’t have to be all amazing works of art.  Sometimes function over form is a good thing.  Heck, maybe it’d even help with that whole heating issue all these systems seem to have.  If you design your system to look like a corset, it’ll probably not have very good air flow…

Wii U Concept (

Anyways, that’s my rant for the day!  Hope you all had a wonderful April Trolls day!

NOTE… These are all just rumored concept designs for now and the actual products will probably never look like any of this… but if history has taught any of us anything, it’s that we’re all doomed to have bizzaro looking gaming machines.

(ps… the xbox 720 was the goldfish bowl.  >)