This… this right here drives me endless amounts of madness!  This here is the fallout of an economy in shambles.  I have applied to many, many companies in a variety of genres and even more of the postings I’ve seen have had almost unobtainable requirements.  Between education, experience, and skill sets, the best I can figure is that the majority of these positions are looking for either retired CEOs or 20yr vets of the job OR for someone with the skills of multiple people.  To make matters worse, they want to pay them beans!  Beans!  Just look at any job posting on monster or craig’s list and you’ll see the same thing.  The tie in factor is high expectations with low reciprocation.  It’s definitely a “buyer’s market” if you get my drift.  And you can observe this in the job industry as a whole; many jobs have consolidated because of layoffs and there is very little reason to rehire those old positions.  Why should they?  If you can bleed the work out of one person doing three jobs, why pay the salary of the extra two?  I think we’ve gotten ourselves into a bit of a bind here.  A catch 22 if you will.  Because even if the economy was fixed tomorrow, world wide, what possible reason would the people that laidoff employees to save manager bonuses have to rehire people when their current staff, running above reasonable productivity, can do the consolidated job for less?

But I don’t have a fix for y’all this time.  This is a very perplexing issue that we’ll see develop over the next few years and you’ll probably start seeing a larger gap between upper and lower classes.  What really needs to happen is to have money circulate again, like just not even stick anything in the bank… go hog wild and spend spend spend!  Capitalism is a dirty word… lets say “the life cycle of currency”.  It gets passed along to buy things, those things need to get made so people get paid to make them, and the cycle persists.  The issue starts when money stops circulating.  Just like your blood stream…  when it starts to pool, then less money is in the cycle to work, and when the number of members of the cycle stays the same or increases, and the money starts decreasing, that’s bad.  It causes shock and more people horde money, thus, recession.  Keep holding money and it prevents the number of jobs available and thus layoffs and thus more getting held and thus and so forth… TL:DR, hording money = bad.  And the solution to that isn’t so easy.  Adding money to the cycle reduces its value.  You can’t really force anyone to give up their savings and new taxes will just make people clam up even more.  I guess there’s always reducing population so picking a fight with someone might be a good way of doing it… that is… if you’re going for some darkside points.

I guess if you really want to jumpstart the whole thing, set a goal.  A major goal.  A public work like none have ever seen!  Look at what we have done in the past and the massive amounts of money circulation it has generated!  Sure, it takes a bit of upfront money to kickstart, but once huge amounts of money start to circulate, then the economy has no place to go but to follow.  However, it has to be done well with some sense of finesse, because it’s one thing to build a Hoover Dam and employ hundreds and hundreds of people, and another to hire some company that will buy cheap labor and pocket the excess…  One of those methods will have the same results as any of our other fail attempts… guess which one.  >)

Anyways, that ends this week’s rant about the evil job market.  Let’s just hope I’m totally wrong and out of my mind and things get better soon.

Rather than a poll today, lets brain storm some ideas on how we can get things back on track!  How do we get people back to work and start the cycle of cash flow once again?