One of the things I tend to notice in my travels through games is the level of immersion offered by said games.  They can achieve high levels by doing many things, such as perspective, story, interactions, familiarities, and even little things lying around like decorations or, food!  Maybe not so extreme like in Fallout New Vegas where the hard mode makes you starve without eating for long periods, but more like WoW or even Forsaken Worlds, where cooking is a central part of the game.  Well, not central so much as something that reminds you that you got to eat while giving you a little buff as well.  Just like in the RLs.  I really liked leveling the cooking stuff for the great benefits.  And just like a real dinner, in raids, a food table can really bring a group together over a nice roasted beast with a fine chianti.

But then I look at this place far far away and a really long time ago and can’t help but notice the lack of delectables.  Sometimes you will see some wine bottles laying about, but I don’t ever remember seeing just a nice turkey diner spread out.  In fact, 99% of what my character consumes is in the form of stim, injection, missile, or medpack.  Not exactly what I would describe as filling.  So this is something I’d love to see expanded upon in the swtor universe!  A cooking profession is always a good thing!  It’s one of those extra little thingies that occupy your time with.  A side quest sort of deal.   And I think it adds that extra little bit of immersion that we all love so much.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but even making some vendor foods with a little buff would be nice.  (Yeah, I know they have some that give Presence, but idk, it doesn’t really seem like enough.)

What do y’all think?