Sorry pal, but if Azathoth tries to eat our planet again, you’re good to go, but as it stands now, unless the lawyers make a blunder, you’re out of the group!

Well, finally saw that Avengers movie and I really have to say the reviews are right!  Probably the best movie out this year!  Excellent casting and great story!  I think the mashup of characters was also pretty good.  Oh, and this is probably the first time since the TV series that I’ve actually liked the Hulk.  I don’t really get why they like messing with his scaling, like in some movies he’s 3 stories tall and yet fits through doors…

Overall, can’t really come up with anything negative.

Well… There is the whole thing about, ya know, Spiderman and Wolverine both being MIA, but what can ya do?  Ok, so according to Movie Bob (go watch his vids!), dispite almost all Marvel characters being in the Avengers at one point or another, NONE of them will ever be in a movie together!  Ever!  This is because of the way the movie studios purchase the licensing rights.  Even though they all belong to Marvel, for the purposes of making movies, the characters have all been cut up and handed out to separate studios.  So Avengers is distributed by Disney (though all the individual characters are owned by Paramount), Columbia owns Spiderman, Fox owns Fantastic Four and Xmen, and so on.  And unless these studios can get together, there won’t be any crossovers.  A real shame, but what can ya do?

So instead of a poll, I’d like to toss out a question:
Who’s your favorite super hero and why?