I always wondered this about Spiderman… what happens to all those webs he leaves around?  Either they have to decay over time or someone has to clean them up.  Seems pretty environmentally unfriendly to me!  I guess this goes along with all that collateral damage that comes with being a super hero.  Which begs to question, is the super hero ideal even ethically possible?  What I mean to say is whether the ends justify the means, specifically do super heroes have the rights to cause unlimited collateral damage in the pursuit of justice?  It seems like every super hero has some sort of “footprint” if you will, that they leave behind while fighting crime.  Granted, they are going up against “super foes” usually, but just look at how our police force deals with criminals… They have multiple levels of tactics when dealing with situations, like SWAT, negotiators, etc, and even have stopped doing the high speed chases because too many civilians get hurt.