In other news, seems that our friends down under just got a nice new “M” (R18+) rating for games!  Good for the fight against the government constantly trying to outlaw them.  At least this will provided some help towards the gamers saying, well, games are fun and the gov has no business sticking it’s nose into anything.  Since, well, if the suits don’t like a game, they just try and block it.  Personally, I’m not sure how bad or good the issue is down there currently, but every now and then you hear about some political jerk attempting to ban this or that.  There’s also the issue of new games taking FOREVER to be released (as Ben from Zero Punctuation) for whatever reason.  I’m assuming it’s probably something because of all these shenanigans but I could be wrong.

And a little late on the uptake, but in jolly ol, uh, Europe, they finalized the PEGI rating for sole use… good cause it standardizes things a bit, which is good for everyone.  Also, follow the link, maybe it’s just me, but their warning labels look like Steam achievement icons!  So… I guess M rated games win then?  XD

Source: GamerRevolution