The title of this is taken from one of the newer Dr. Whose episodes where one of the disposable sidekicks asked the good doctor why everyone in space seemed to speak with a northern accent (I’m assuming there are different accents in England… my good sir) to which his reply was “every planet has a north”.  Man I love the Who!

Anyways, this is something that has bothered me to no end with futurey spacey type shows, such as Star Wars, that take place in other worlds or galaxies or universes than our own… and people still have thick accents!  Yeah, it gives the fantasy world a little flavor and certainly an audience would be very disappointed if an upperclassman of high galactic society had anything other than a proper English accent, but sometimes it can be a little distracting.  If you’re in a distant galaxy a million years in the future, then why is that green dude speaking with an Australian accent?  Bah!  Maybe it’s just which ones they use that throws me… Though I’d find it very amusing if some alien busted out in some Medieval tongue… me’lord.