I always wondered this… we send off all of our creepy looking destructobots to these other worlds and if there happens to be life there, just imagine what they’d see!  Maybe attach a little human bobblehead with a speaker on the hood just in case we find something and can tell it “hey, never mind the evil robot, we’re actually pretty cool peeps”.

So question of the day… How do you think we, as the people of this earth, are represented intergalactically?  We leave tons of junk out there like satellites, exploratory probes, pieces of space crafts that just fall off, and all these little RC cars we race on other worlds.  Heck, even our tv/radio signals get shipped out into the cosmos!  Well, while those can only travel light speed, they’ll still start to reach far distant stars or passers by at some point in the future.  Same with our space junk.  So, if a tourists or a scout from a different world has decided to swing on by through the boonies in our neck of the woods, what would you think our first impressions would be?  Would they see us as a curious and young species that’s trying to explore and understand the universe around them?  Or overly militaristic with vast histories of bloodshed and conflict that carry on to this very moment?  Or just plane insane since they might not know what a “tv show” is… I’m sure they’d be horrified by our scifi movies and treatment of aliens, though they’d probably feel reassured that at least a few aliens have integrated ok on that Jersey Shore show.  Or will they see us for all our good and bad, that we’re doing the best we can to make it through life.

Personally, I don’t think they’d know what to make of us.  We’re full of contradictions.  On one hand, we come up with so much creativity and beauty in our world; poetry, music, art, etc… And even missions of mercy and peace.  We’re great at coming together in a pinch and despite what those post-apocalyptic movies might tell you, humanity has a way of pulling together in a crisis.  But on the other, we’re so capable of destroying ourselves it isn’t even funny.  Through war, pride, or greed, everyone from the tiniest thief to the leaders of nations plot to exploit every one else.  Which doesn’t end well for anyone.  If we were to be judged, I’d hope it would be on our struggles with our selves and our nature as humans, rather than our actions… cause on a whole, we’d probably be in the red.

Anyways, thoughts?

PS… it’s going to get stormy here with some wicked hurricanes and such, maybe, so just a heads up, if the power starts to go my updates for this week might be effected.  But barring an act of Gaia, things should move along as normal.  Also, apparently Martians look like Plankton from SpongeBob…