Pickup line super effective!  Aggro has increased!  XD

Say what you will about the pandaland expansion, but one class feature I’m a real fan of is the “brewmaster” or drunk master class.  This, of course, will be the tanking spec for the Monk class.  Not sure how it will all come together, but it seems interesting enough.

So what kind of classes do you all like?  There are no shortage of games with the main Tolkienesque party (warrior, thief, ranger, mage), but what of the off beat classes?  Bards are one that tend to get overlooked a lot of times but are one of the most fun to play.  Another are the summoners, no not the warlocks that summon pets, but full fledged demon/monster/elemental summoners.  Vampires, despite having a weakness to teen drama, are pretty interesting as well.  Elementalists are cool too, like using different elemental magic based on the environment.  And dragon knights or lancers I don’t see much of for no real good reason!

Also, write in some more obscure classes you don’t see too often but also like!