Bit of a play on the Minecraft meme of sorts where the Creeper says to Steve, “that’s a nice everything you got there… be a ssshame if something happened…” or something like that.  So yeah, seems that the developers of Skyrim are big Minecraft fans so it was a bit of the inspiration for the expansion.  Pretty neat, considering their lawyer folks got into some hot water with ol Notch not too long ago.  I’ve been watching a few videos of the gameplay and I’m really excited about this DLC!  Looks to be a great addition to the frozen tundra!  Seems to be a fun little diversion, plus it gives me some space to lay out all the junk I steal from all the homes.  >)  I wonder what more we can expect from the devs!

Not only that, but you PC folks get the extra benefit of getting stuff off the Steam Workshop, which makes downloading and installing mods quick and easy… which is great for people like me who are more liable to set their computer on fire than get a mod to work properly…  I haven’t seen too much chatter in the way of a proper content expansion in the workshop, but it looks as if there’s one maybe in the works…  See, some volunteers took the challenge to recreate the entirety of the Tolkien Lord Of The Rings series in the Elder Scrolls universe!!  Quests and all!  This was started back in Oblivion and it’s getting ported over.  However, the evil suits at the WB factory decided this infringes on their copyrights (which by any stretch of the imagination, should be public domain by now… just saying… something fishy with this!) so they sent off the usual orders of C&D.  The volunteer devs of this free expansion pack (read: Fair Use) have gleefully rejected this cease and desist order, so we’ll see how this will develop in the coming months.  With any luck, the people at the legal studios will back down seeing this as a great way to get people into their series or strike up some sort of licensing agreement since (and if the screens are any indication) it will be epic when finished!  Personally, I don’t understand why these legal teams get so up in arms about indie developments like this.  They should see this as an opportunity!   Just look at what Microsoft did with the Red vs Blue guys!  And look at all the free publicity and increased sales that have resulted from the arrangement!  Yeah, so it can work out to be mutually beneficial!

So, no poll today, but I’d like to know who in the Skyrim world you decided to make your honey bunny!  Who did you marry?  Who would you liked to have married but are not selectable?  (such as my favorite Narri… life’s just not fair sometimes…)

I have a super special GIVEAWAY of the game Magicka for the Steam platform!  All you need to do is have a Steam account, sign up at and enter for a chance to win!  SG is kind of strict with their entrance though, you’ll need at least $100 (not free to play) in games on your Steam account to join… which isn’t an issue if you buy a few bucks worth of indie bundles!  >)  Ends next Monday so get to it!