Hey, sorry this is just a flat, but I got some stuff coming up so I’m going to need to mass produce these a bit.  Promise I’ll try to go back and fix these ones up with shading when I get the chance!  >

Anywho, seems that the new Pandafarian race is going to be able to be rogues… which seems very odd to me.  Well, I mean, I guess it seems fine lore-wise since the whole stealthy rougey thing works well with the kung fu stuff, but what about our beloved hoofed heifers?  There’s not a whole lot of cheese burger difference between a Pandaman and a Tauren.  Heck, even orcs are a bit hulking to be the sneaky types.  And what of the ridiculously tall Trolls?  They have to bend over to back stab someone!

Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought that you should be any class, regardless of race.  Lore shmore!  I want a gnome pally or a tauren mage!  I play the races for the flavor, not the class, so I like to have more selection for what I can be and do.