Have you ever had this happen?  (Probably more relatable for the guys, but I guess the ladies might run into the same issue too.)  You walk into a bathroom, not really thinking about it, and all of a sudden you realize there’s no urinals!  This happens to me on occasion and let’s just say I get a brief instance of panic as I try to remember what was on the door.  I think once I even went out to check the door too.  Of course, if you see other dudes walking around then you know you’re in the clear, but if nobody’s out of the stalls, then who knows!  Girls room?  Boy’s room?  Maybe it’s a Schrodinger thing and you’re superimposed in both states simultaneously!!!

Anyways… just thought I’d share… and hopefully I’m not the only one.  XD

Not a poll, but has this every happened to you?  Thought you walked into the opposite restroom or actually did?