Uhg… Not this again!  Fiscal Cliff v2.o!!!  Guess we have until Friday to make a decision or we get big cuts across the board in government spending.  Sure, sounds ok at first, we don’t need to spend $10,000 on a single hammer, but when you look at it hitting everything with the same percent, bad things happen.  Such as, if you cut a program that’s been highly scaled down and leaned, then there’s not a lot more room for any reductions.

So… we’ll see what happens…

But so far, the Prez has been dropping some serious gloom and doom lately with some real pessimistic views of post cut America.  The folks over at Politifacts have sorted out what our lovely politicians have been spouting and analyzing the validity of their claims.  Spoiler Alert: The a good bit of what they say to us is bubkiss!

In other news!
I found out that I’ll be at booth Purple 15 at the Orlando Megacon this March 15, 16, & 17!  Stop on by!  And tell me that you’re a reader for special lootz!  >D