Comeon, you have to admit… Kim Jong Un, supreme dictator of North Korea, is the cutest baby faced little ruler ever!  Just want to pinch his cheeks!  A shame we’ll probably have to nuke him first…

So once again, NK is going insane and provoking the world with nuclear weapons.  Granted, their rocket technology is deplorable.  Hell, I had more success with a homemade model rocket than 2 decades of their ICBM trials.  Still, they’re bound to get lucky one of these days.  Lucky in the sense that it’ll land them at the rotten end of the ugly stick when every nation in the world just gets fed up with their shenanigans.

Heck, even China, long time neutral backer of NK has started getting irritated…. probably cause all of this bombing nonsense will end up involving them as well.  My hopes are that when all this goes down, South Korea as well as the US (we’re in a pact now) and our allies AND countries like China will group up for a raid.  It really is about time we bury the hatchet with big red and do some joint missions.  Our freakin’ economies are tied up enough, might as well as act like buddies.

Anywho, pictured above are Park Geun-hye of South Korea and Shinzō Abe of Japan.  Both of which will be involved with this conflict.

In other news, NK decided to make a propaganda video about them nuking the US… That’s fine and all, but they used both a Disney soundtrack and video clips from Call of Duty games!  I say, the next CoD game should be us fighting North Korea!!!  XD  Comeon, they keep having us go against poor Russia, why not fight a country that really deserves it?