So this is one of those really weird side effects of growing technology.  Once upon a time, you had to buy all your media on tape or cd (or record).  These you could freely resell without any restrictions.  You buy it, you own it, you can do what you want with it except copy it.  Simple as that.

But at some point we stopped wearing bright neon and gallons of hair spray and they digital age was upon us.  With it, came great accomplishments like digital media and electronic networking.  But at what cost?  Ownership laws became muddy and ambiguous.  Various file sharing companies rose and fell.  And we are left with a disconnect between the physical and digital worlds.

So you like Steam / Digital Download games?  You like MP3s from iTunes or Amazon?  You like to buy movies to download online?  That’s great!  But you don’t own them… not really…

In the light of the most recent events, further cementing the anti-digital rights movement, we have precedent and law that makes it illegal to sell any digital media. Basically, the outcome said that you would have to sell the physical object in which you downloaded it onto… meaning your harddrive.  It was meant to be an obnoxious way to snub digital rights proponents.

Never mind Europe now allows the resale of some digital goods… this just really makes it harder for our future generations to overcome these kinds of restrictions.

The cute way around this is to download your movies, mp3s, ebooks, and games to a cd or external thumbdrive first, then copy them to your harddrive or whatever.  That way, you can say you never had them on the harddrive first and be able to sell the media!  Take that legal system!

But we shouldn’t have to circumvent the law.  We purchase a good or service, an mp3 or game isn’t a digital service as they would like to believe, it’s a digital good, thus, we should be allowed to do with it as we please.

Wow Insider just wrote up a nice article about What’s Shakin!!  Take a look!  I’m a big fan of their articles and they helped both my sites get their start, so check em out!!