Warframe: Read the review HERE

Anyways, this is about a new game called Warframe (free on Steam).  It’s a PvE shooter with some really great features and leveling systems.  Also, all the missions you can play are autogenerated so it’ll never be the same twice!  Granted it’s in open beta with plans to soft-launch, and has a few bugs here and there, it’s a LOT of fun.  And I mean a LOT.  If you like co-op shooters like Halo, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Did I mention it was Free to Play?  And not like your regular perfect world games that you need gpotatos in order to, well, play competitively.  No, they adopted (and rightfully so), the “Pay to have x item right now and for exclusive ‘cool’ things” model with everything else being free.  Meaning, you can either invest time into playing to grind the materials to make new weapons/warframes (what they call character classes) and build them yourself (takes a few days) OR pay a few bucks to have those things right now.  And that’s it!  Nothing in the game is “pay to win” and with the exception of I think just a few weapons and the cosmetic stuff (colors, masks, etc) everything is obtainable.  Actually, some of the weapon blueprints drop off random “alert” missions.  So really, you can get everything to make you competitive.

Plus, it’s PvE mostly, so at the end of the day, it’s not that big a deal to be all uber.  Skill actually plays a factor here.

And there’s lots of “warframes” aka classes you can get.  They all have their own play style, like gunner, stealth/rogue, fire/ice/lightning/poison elements, etc.  Personally, I’m digging the healer, which I tend to be in shooters.  The only thing to be aware of is that you only get 2 class slots and 8 weapon slots to choose from at first.  Want more and you gotta drop the cash.  But you get 50 player “gold” (platinum I think they call it…) to start with which can get you 2 extra warframe slots!  $5 gets you 75, which (with the starter gold) you can get 2 warframe slots and 7 extra weapon slots!  Not bad at all.  And trust me, if you find yourself farming for parts to make more warframes and weapons, you will want to buy the upgrade.  It goes to a good cause since there’s still a lot of development to come.  >)

**Ok, so about the comic… well, there’s boy warframes and girl warframes (pictured is the Mag, the aoe/magnetic “element” warframe).  Basically… they all look like something out of Neon Genesis Evangelion with toaster heads and big boobs.  Thus the “it’ll make all the 15yr olds stop in their tracks and stare” bit.   >)  I guess it’ll be more relevant with one of the next content patches which has PvP.

Download Warframe from Steam and give it a try!  The core game is pretty small in size and it is a TON of fun if you like co-op shooters.  Plus it’s completely free!  Go HERE!

You can read my review HERE!