Takeshi’s Castle!!!

Best show ever!  It’s like Wipeout but Japanese and by the awesome Takeshi Kitano. (see the reruns on Spike TV or watch the ORIGINAL Hunger Games movie called Battle Royal he produced)

Anywho, finally finished Tomb Raider.  Pretty darn good game.  Read review at the link below.  One thing stood out though, Lara always seemed to have some commentary about the places she visits and upon closer inspection of the artifacts you find, lots of it is fake.  Nice little detail.  I loled out loud when one of the artifacts had a “Made in China” sticker on it.

So yeah, good game.  Kinda short.  Shotty multiplayer though… But overall a great buy and you can find it on sale occasionally for 50% off and probably more at the Steam Sale this summer.

Read the review HERE!

tomb raider review