Ok… soooo… I kind of had an impromptu convention.  Alright, not so much impromptu as it is me being bad with dates.

Anyways, that’s where I’ve been this weekend… but I managed to draw something up just for you guys!  All analog style too!

If anyone has watched the Clone Wars, you’ll probably notice this “transformation” a lot.  Every time Palpatine puts his hood down, he’s the Chancellor… but when he gets a call from the Sith, up goes the hood and nobody’s the wiser.  Seriously, it’s like Clark Kent and glasses.  A hood is as far from a Nixon mask as you can get!

Oh, and here’s some other stuff!  Think I’ll make some more steamboat posters one of these days.  >)



Ps… I was at LameCon in Land O Lakes, FL!  Great anime convention with awesome folks running and attending the show.  I’ll definitely be there next year (probably end of June).  If you’re in the area and like anime, “like” them on facebook and go next year!  It’s free too!!