Having noticed that quite a bit of my comics show cigarettes, I thought it was time we sat down and had ourselves a little chat.  Sure, smoking might not seem like much at first… You take a 5min break after you down a boss.  No big deal right?  That’s like 1 in an hour or so?  But then it happens…  It’s a smoke break after you clear some trash mobs, right before you fight the boss… Then a smoke break after a wipe.  “Lets take a break, watch the training video, read up on the fight, etc… Just take 5min.” you say.  That’s when it hits you!  You’ve been “forgetting” to taunt, equipping your RP gear, healing yourself instead of the raid… just so you can wipe and get another fix!  You try to apologize but nobody can hear you in Vent cause you’ve got 10 cigs shoved in your mouth all at once!*

*above scenario may be slightly over-dramatized…

In all seriousness… I’m not going to say what you should or should not do if you’re a grown up, that’s up to you.  But it’s not the healthiest thing around.  And kids, just wait till you’re old enough to make informed decisions; it may seem cool at the time cause everyone on tv does it, but wait till you’re 30 and get winded walking to the bathroom.  So let this be your intervention!  Go grab yourself a carrot or something and kick the habit!  >)

This comic, suggested by Sairen, has been dedicated to my good guildies, Sinnister and Coffeecreamr.  /scowldisapprovingly

Transcript: English

Panel 1: We see Coffee and Nith smoking all cool...
Panel 2: They see something over yonder
Panel 3: It's Ell! And smoke is leaking out of her body parts!
Panel 4: Coffee and Nith imagine themselves as undead
Panel 5: *Paid for by the Guildies Against Smoking foundation