Hunters have a lot of tricks up their sleeves and as a former hunter, I have to say… I have done this more than I’d care to admit!  Sometimes things get a little too dicey in PvP and playing dead seems like such a good idea.  Feign Death drops you from their target, you look dead, and unless you’re within an inch of your life with a DOT, then MAYBE they’ll go away.  Especially if all kinds of chaos is going on around you.  Of course, there’s your faithful pet standing right next to your body and the confused look on their faces when just a second ago you had full health…  That’s when things usually don’t go very well…

(Just in case there’s some confusion, especially with all you Alliance players, the Forsaken have the ability Cannibalize, which lets them eat dead humanoids to restore some HP.)

This was actually one of the first ideas I had back in 2007 when Coffin Comics was but a dream.  Seems like such a long time ago now…

Cameos for this week include old Twotoes (remember him?), Elasue, Kishkuman, and my old hunter SaltyBill.

Transcript: English

Panel 1: Salty Bill is attacking a flag in AV
Panel 2: Coffin is standing behind Salty and Salty is startled
Panel 3: Salty Feigns Death to avoid being killed
Panel 4: Coffin looks at hands confused
Ell To Coffin: Good Job! Now heal up before more come along!
Panel 5: Everybody gathers around Salty Bill ready to eat him, who is playing dead and very scared
Twotoes To Group: Hey mon, pass me a thigh!
Elasue To Twotoes: Um, I thought you all weren't cannibals any more...
Twotoes To Elasue: (Yes, it is not cannibal if it isn't a troll!) clarified