That's right! I woke up to a nasty little notice in my email that my account had been hacked, guild bank looted, and characters deleted! Just lovely huh?

You think you're safe... running the latest antivirus, antispyware, and firewalls; but it just goes to show you, it all amounts to nothing! So, my order for an Authenticator will be in shortly! >)

To everyone out there: Go get one, nothing on my computer suggests it was a keylogger so they must have done it another way. I don't know how, but in any case, everybody should go out and buy one NOW! Let my hubris be a lesson to you all!

To the account hackers: Well... if I find you... lets just say "broken legs" will be the least of your concerns...


ps... Sindella makes a cameo in this mini comic.

Transcript: English

Haxor, The Evil Twin
Panel 1:
Sindella To Sinnister: I think there's something wrong with Coffin...
Coffin To Everyone: Howdy There!
Panel 2:
Sinnister To Sindella: Did he get a new haircut?