I guess Soon isn’t what it used to be… I made this mini comic this morning, as a continuation of my epicless angst. See, I’ve been logging in to chat with my guildies and beg in the streets of Dalaran for booze money. So, I made this comic as an illustration of my plight.

HOWEVER! When I logged in, not a moment ago, what do I find? My beloved main back where he should be, with stuff galore! Blizz finally came through for me! Guess it was about 7ish days to get it all back.

So… Thanks Blizz! >D

Anyways, guess I’ll post this anyways, since it’s done and all… XD

Also… on a side note… check out my Haxored comic on DeviantArt HERE, there were a lot of great posts on ways to keep your account secure and some good info on what to do afterward.

Transcript: English

Sign: Purplez sharded! Will work 4 epics!