Well, we’re going to try something new here!  I’m going to attempt to do a Monday Mini comic!  Just for the heck of it.  These will be little two panellers.  They’re not really part of the official “canon”, but are just bits of funniness rolling around my head that don’t quite fit anywhere else.

So to kick things off, I thought I’d touch base on the nice big slick of oil growing in the middle of the gulf…  It kind of reminds me of Humpty Dumpty, you know all of the King’s horses and men epically fail at fixing things?  Good job BP at destroying our environment.  And good luck to everyone on the Gulf Coast! (including me)  Hopefully things get cleaned up before even more ecosystems get ruined.  ~>(

That’s Deathwing there btw… he’s the one causing all the shenanigans come Cata…

Transcript: English

Just A Little Link
Panel 1: Sindella and Nith are in Org
Sindella To Nith: You hear about this? The oil spill in the Great Sea is getting worse and nothing is being done to stop it!
Nith To Sindella: Oh I know! It's horrible! I just wonder what the longterm repercussions will be...
Panel 2: Deathwing covered in oil in the middle of the Great Sea
Deathwing Self: Ewww! It's all over! Oh OH! And it's under my scales! I'm so going to destroy them now!