Yes, that’s right! This totally just happened! It had to be done… I’m sure everyone knows about trade chat and the horrors that go on there. Horde, Alliance, Barrens, General Forums… it’s all the same; somehow seemingly rational folk get antagonized into lengthy discussions about absolutely nothing of substance, all the while a lvl1 alt is sitting in the sidelines laughing at everybody. It really is amazing… I’ve seen the “rogues can’t train axes” thing go on for half an hour! And Gear Score seems to be the new one on the block. People really get animated about that discussion, especially when you have pug runs that post something like “LFM ICC25 GS>5000! NO SCRUBS!” or “Link Acheiv” This is usually followed about with a lengthy debate over GS and skill… of course… always degrading into some form of Chuck Norris joke like “Chuck Norris’s GS is over 9000!” XD

Remember guys… don’t feed the trolls! >)

Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Troll Yells: Did you know the only thing tougher than Chuck Norris is his beard?
Chat: Uhg! Not this again!
Chat: Really?
Panel 2:
Troll Yells: Two Men And A Murloc!
Chat: Seriously?
Chat: Murloc And The Temple Of Doom
Panel 3:
Chat: Where can rogues train axes?
Troll Yells: Rogues can't use axes!
Chat: Yes they can!
Chat: Since when?
Chat: No way!
Panel 4:
Troll Yells: Gear Score measures skill!
Chat: You can't be serious
Chat: No it doesn't!
Chat: GS>6000 or DIAF
Panel 5: SaltyBill's pet squashes the trade troll
Devilsaur Yells: I'M A T-REX!!! RAWR!!!