Them smexy droods! Gotta be careful in bear form though… Never know what wildlife or a certain hunter’s pet might find you attractive! Same with all your forms! Well… except for the aquatic form… pretty sure you’re in no danger there…


As a little addition to this week, I thought I’d take a quick little poll. I ran one on DeviantArt with some very surprising results. So question of the day… Who is your favorite character?

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Transcript: English

Panel 1: A Horde druid in Bear Form walks by
Salty Bill To Fluffy: "Look Fluffy! A Horde Druid! Go and kill it!"
Panel 2: Fluffy attacks druid
Panel 3: Fighting
Panel 4: Druid trying to escape Fluffy's love
Panel 5: Fluffy has gotten the druid again and is attacking him with love. Salty Bill is embarrassed