Poor Orcs… Can’t ever catch a break huh?

Well, this week’s theme, if you couldn’t tell, is from Avatar. I like the way it ties in nicely with the current conflict between the Orcs and Night Elves. On the one side, you have Orcs; not very diplomatic, stubborn, resource hungry. And on the other the Night Elves; dirty tree huggin’ hippies, I mean, they respect nature and live in harmony with the trees, critters, and stuff.

Warsong Gulch, other than being a mind numbing “capture the flag” game, is the divide between these people and ideals. This is the border between the Orcs’ need for resources (lets face it people, the Barrens and Durotar are hardly more than a glorified sand box) and the Night Elves’ delicate ecosystem.

Kinda sounds familiar huh? Anyways… As we know, neither side will yield or barter for resources, so… we get skirmishes.

Now a thought to leave you all with… When Cataclysm comes and wrecks all kinds of chaos and ultimately, climates change as well as resources, will there still be such a feud between these two races? Will the newly lush(?) Barrens provide the Orcs with enough lumber to satisfy their needs? Or will old tensions persist even though the actual reason for fighting has long sense passed?

(Ok, please note I’m taking a pretty big leap with the guesstimates on this one.  From what I can tell, the image is of the Barrens and from other images I’ve seen online, it looks like the Barrens and maybe Durotar are getting quite a bit of green!  And I don’t me Goblins!  Wow… ok… that was dorky even for me… lol!)

Oh! And the title of today’s mini comes from The Guild’s video “Do You Want To Date My Avatar?” Dang… now I got that song stuck in my head! XQ

Transcript: English

Panel 1: Night Elves talking
Female Night Elf To Male Night Elf: I'm sorry... That really important thing you wanted to tell me will have to wait until I get back from battle. Those disgustingly hideous Orcs are attacking Warsong again!
Panel 2: Orc is sad inside avatar uplink lab