Deep within the confines of Undercity, in a secret room, heads of the Forsaken Offense plan their attack to over throw the Alliance and create a new world order of the Horde!

Too bad all the conferences were recorded by the Googlemobiles as well as missile launch codes and documents marking all strategies and attack points…

Ok… none of this happened… but the latest buzz is with the Googlemobiles grabbing tons of personal info while mapping roads.  And it’s not just what’s in the photos!  Apparently they “accidentally” grabbed bits of peoples’ emails and other personal information that was transmitted through an unsecured wifi.  Better put up your router securities boys and girls!

Honestly… I’m a photo person, and in all my years of taking pictures, I never accidentally recorded someone’s credit card number or email or IM chat on my film…  Hmm!

Check out the article here! Dems got sum esplain’n to do!

Transcript: English

Panel 1: Forsaken presenting an attack strategy on the Alliance. Small panel shows a map with street view.
Forsaken Spokesman: ...and that's how we plan on annihilating the... uh... Alliance... um... who the hell is that?