Hello, I’m a Goblin Engineer…

Well, I do both really, but I find Goblin engineering so much more useful.  I love the bombs (more so before their siege dmg was nerfed) and definitely love the ammo (made tons of gold selling that stuff!).  Gnomish, it’s alright.  I mean it’s fun but when you’re in a pinch, it’s better having the nice arsenal of explosives at your disposal.  Yeah, and I really like the warp spots for goblin.  I mean, as a Horde, it’s just north of Org, so it makes everything nice and easy.

I can only imagine what evil creations are in-store for us come Cata.  With the Gnomes on their way to reclaiming their city and the Goblins in the mix, there’s no telling what insanity awaits!  I kinda hope there will be an engineering dune buggy at some point (yeah, I know it’s a horde mount, but it’d be nice for the Ally goblin engineers as well.  sure, we’re supposed to hate each other faction-wise, but we goblin engineers are all kin to me!)

PS… Just realized that this is my 25th full comic!  (not including the minis)  Woot!

In other news…  New item in the shop!!!  Shakershirts for boys and girls!

What's Shakin Shirt

Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Gnome: Hello, I'm a Gnomish Engineer.
Goblin: And I'm a Goblin Engineer.
Panel 2:
Goblin: Say Gnome, what do you have there?
Gnome: Oh, just the latest in Gnomich Technology... Let me show you how it works!
Panel 3:
Goblin: Well... That's not very practical.
Goblin: And what? That little firecracker is? I bet it doesn't even have a failure proc. Where's the fun in that?
Panel 4: EXPLODE
Goblin: Heh, actually... It's a lot of fun!
Panel 5:
Gnome: Yeah, good luck changing back now!
Goblin: Good luck with this breeze...
Gnome: What breeze?