Like, oh man!  This was literally the 2nd comic I wanted to make after the Red Shirt back in 07!  For some reason, it just remained in my sketch for what, 3 years?  XD  But now it has been unleashed!

So here it is, Coffinshaker’s insanity!  Yeah, if you haven’t figured it out by now, Coffin has a bit of a run away imagination.

I don’t remember if back then they had the cross servers yet, but every now and then I thought about this comic when I’d run into an RP server in a random group.  For the most part, you’d never know the difference; I mean, the RPers just converse normally with you.  However… Every now and then… You’ll find a rogue RPer that tosses out the “We must smite the Lich King for the glory of the Horde!  Come men, let us take arms and defeat his ghastly fiends!” or something to that extent.  And that’s when you weigh your options to hit the “vote to kick” button and wait another hour for a tank… or just play along and stick it out.

That is not to say I don’t like RP or RPers… I do… but sometimes… I just want to finish OCC as fast as possible without any distractions.  Mostly though, I find randoms fairly sterile in conversation.  It’s usually a few pleasantries followed by a “gg” at the end.  I guess sometimes I miss the old school pugs with people crackin wise, catching up with friends, and strategy briefs before a pull.

ANYWAYS, hope you enjoy it!  I’m actually happy it finally got released from sketchbook limbo.  >D

Transcript: English

Panel 1: Coffin and the gang are at the site of a murder.
Girl: Jinkies! He seems to be covered in some kind of glowing residue. And by the looks of it, he's been dead for a few days.
Nith: Well gang, looks like we've got another quest on our hands!
Panel 2: Meanwhile in reality...
Ell: Looks like we lost him again...
Misc Rogue #5,607: Did he just try to feed me Worgen Treats? This is why I don't RP!