It’s not easy being a Gnome… People never notice you, trip over you, set drinks on your head, always looking down on you… It’s a very dangerous thing when everyone is more than 3 times your size.  So I implore you all, every once in a while, look down and make sure you’re not stepping on one of your little buddies.

For my friends out there who don’t know warriors… Bladestorm is a pretty wicked “whirlwind” type attack… There are some Youtube vids of it’s overpoweredness in PvP (though I’m sure, like everything else that’s fun, it has been or will be nerfed into oblivion…  sigh… I miss AV+Spellsteal+Iceblock…)

A suggestion from a distant land, Kalessin @ Demon Soul also guest stars in this week’s comic.  >)

*I would also like to say a BIG thank you to the gentleman in shytown that sent me such a generous donation!  I appreciate it so much!  Totally made my day!  >D

Transcript: English

panel 1: Kalessin is talking to Coffinshaker in ICC with a gnome in the background noticing her shoes are untied
Kalessin To Coffinshaker: Here's the plan, going to rush right in and take the aggro. That easy!
Panel 2: Kalessin rushes at his target
Kalessin Yells: Okay... GO!!!
Panel 3 and 4: Kalessin trips over the gnome
Panel 5: Kalessin and the gnome are spinning out of control and he's trying to figure out what to do next
Kalessin Thinks: Oh crap! OH CRAP! Think of something quick!
Panel 6: Kalessin and the gnome go into a bladestorm as the rest of the group watches
Kalessin Yells: BLADESTORM!
Girl: Impressive!
Ell: Hey, wasn't there a gnome here before?
Coffinshaker: Claps