So as many of you may know, Blizz is planning to get rid of Tree Form… (well… making it a temporary form with a 5min CD) which is horrifying to me cause I thought the tree form was pretty cool.  I’m not sure what the whole hubbub is, but I like the Druid “a form for all occasions” theme.  Having to be in (shudder) cow/nelf form to heal… I just don’t know about that.  So here’s my take on the subject.  >)

I thought it’d be kinda neat if they gave the trees special skins for your different hair colors… you know, change the leaves or something… but alas, my dream will never come true…

Now that little guy there is the Lorax from the Dr. Seuss story.  Remember that one?  Anyways, the Lorax didn’t like all the trees getting cut down to make thneeds (that how you spell it?) which was some type of clothing… (which btw was an actual product I swear I saw on an infomercial one night… or maybe I had one of those insomnia hallucinations… hmm)

So what do you think?

What do you think of the Tree Form "nerf"?

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