“History is written by the victors.” ~ Churchill

Pretty darn true… as disturbing as it is… See, we all do this, every country in every part of the world throughout all time… we rewrite how things happened to make it look we are the heroes.  And sometimes… erase when we are villains.

Now, we can all shake our fingers at China for their ongoing issues with Google and web censorship(tl;dr basically China blocks “sensitive” info, like questions about Tienanmen Square, etc) But honestly, the US is no exception from the rule (or any other country you can think of).  We’ve done it in the past and it usually takes a good 25-50yrs, give or take, for the “true” history to come out.  I remember reading something in the history books in middle school that was totally 180 by the time I got to high school.  And if you can, watch the History Channel; they always find new contradictions to what’s currently thought to be the hard truth.  I don’t get it though…  Why we can’t just say “oops, our bad, lets review our mistakes and try to learn from them”?  Ha, like that’d ever happen…

Anyways, today’s comic uses some lore references from the many invasions of Azeroth by the Orcs.  Chairman (aka Warchief) Ner’zhul was no exception to this and tried opening even more portals to conquer, basically, everything.  Of course, there was a little bit of demonic influence going on behind the scenes.  In short though, he pretty much was responsible for Outlands and eventually became the first Lich King, causing all sorts of trouble… as we have seen…

I wonder though…  In the WoWland we have now, does this lore come through in your lvl1-80 questing?  Did the history books get rewritten?  Is there some kind of propaganda spin placed on all the wars leading up to the current one?  It’s been so long now, but I don’t remember hearing about too much of this lore while leveling.

Also, I’d like to ask a technical question this week!  This has been driving me absolutely bonkers since switching to the PC, but for some reason on my end, Coffinshaker’s robe looks blue while on my Mac it looks purple (the way it should be).


test A test B

Do you see a difference between A and B?

  • Yes. A is kinda blue (or anything not purple) and B is purple. Fix this! /snapsfingers (65%, 97 Votes)
  • No. Both look the same... you be crazy! (35%, 52 Votes)

Total Voters: 149

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I have found the fix for FireFox!!!  On THIS WEBSITE, they mention how to remove the evil thing that just makes up colors all willy nilly.  You have to type about:config in the address bar, then go to gfx.color_management.mode.  It probably says “2″, but you want to double click it and change it to “0” (zero), which is the correct one.  Do Not touch anything else… otherwise you’ll probably mess something up.

I’ll still probably have to change to the B profile so it works universally, but if you guys out there are brave enough to mess with firefox’s config file, then this is how you do it.  >)

Transcript: English

Panel 1: Horde's Advisor is speaking to Thrall about a social problem
Advisor To Thrall: Thrall! The people keep asking for information about orc history, even though it's forbidden. We have to tell them something!
Thrall: Alright... Let's see what we can do...
Panel 2: Thrall's revisions
Question 1: Q. Why did the orcs come to Azeroth?
Answer 1: To make new friends!
Question 2: Q. Didn't Chairman Ner blow up Draenor?
Answer 2: No no... It was always like that!
Question 3 crossed out: Q. Wasn't he first the first Lich King?
Question 3 replaced: Q. Where is cow level?
Answer 3: Mulgore, lawlz!
Thrall: There... uh... fixed!