This is something that always bugged me!  In Tanaris, there are the Caverns Of Time, where you go back to the past to rescue Thrall escape, aide Arthas in Strat, etc…  Yet, it either creates some kind of temporal loop or we just messed up all kinds of history!  Going by the laws of physics (which we all know are documented in Back To The Future) if you step on even an insect, it could lead to a drastic chain of events that would alter the future forever!

So I can’t help but wonder… if we “accidentally”, I don’t know, nuke Southshore while we’re helping Thrall… What would happen?  Does it tear apart the fabric of the space/time continuum?  Should we learn from documentaries and follow Dr. Brown’s warnings about time paradoxes?  Or do we just go nutzo and just nuke the heck out of the past and see what happens?  I mean… Arthas is right there and I’m pretty sure a 5man group could take him at this point.  Or worse yet… since you take the forms of humans in CoT, does that mean it goes by Quantum Leap physics and all we’re doing is jumping into their bodies… trying to right the wrongs of the past… and hoping that our next leap… will be the leap home?

Transcript: English

Panel 1: The group is exiting the Caverns of Time only to discover giant super powered gnomes are destroying the world with aliens and weird hybrid orc natives running about...
Nith: You know, I can not help but wonder... With all this going back in time, do you think it had any effect on the present?