And there are!  It seems like everything is changing and soon too!  Flying mounts in Azeroth, foxes, dogs (and don’t get me started how I think the introduction of dogs is a bad idea), total zone changes… It makes me wonder though, how much of it I’ll miss…

But don’t think too hard about that, cause when you look at the original wowland, though it was a LOT of fun, it had some crazy design flaws!  Lets recap!  PvP = complete and utter dedication to wow or else you get no loots!  The old system was so grind intense that you HAD to keep getting more and more honor or else you’d lose your standing to someone else.  And for those who weren’t around then, gear was distributed by rank, so you had to do some MAJOR PvPing or else that top lvl gear would be forever out of reach!  The whole elemental spell power drove me crazy!  It seemed like one piece of armor could be an upgrade, but alas, if you were not that spec… sry boutcha!  And money… gold is so easy to get now!  It’s wonderful!  Not that there aren’t money sinks, but for simple stuff like respecing, pots, mats, repairs, mounts… it makes such a difference.  I remember sitting in Ironforge trying to peddle Deviant Fish and Flasks to buy an epic mount!

And poor pallies!  They literally hit like wet noodles (that’s an Arcanite Reaper hes holding… which was a pretty good 2 handed axe).  But they were usually kept around for buffing raids and staying out of combat so they could battle rez.  Druids… man… they had issues too… you’ve come a long way kitty!

Seems like forever ago now…

It was good times, don’t get me wrong!  Epics were, well… EPIC!  You worked your butt off for them!  Raids were insane!  5mans required coordination, skill, and CC!  And when you raided Ironforge or Stormwind, it was an epic battle!  Not deserted like it is today… and all you got was glory!  No mounts, no achievements… glory!  >)

From what I hear, Cata is going to bring a lot of that back in!  So I’m looking forward to the next expansion!

Transcript: English

Panel 1: Nith and Coffin are talking about the past
Nith: Hey Coffin... With all the changes coming, I can't help but feel a little nostalgic for the past... Remember when we were LVL 60s?
Panel 2:
Nith: Check out my swell new PvP pants!
Panel 3:
Nith: It took months to get! Sure, I had to quit my job and the divorce is still pending... but they were totally worth it! I don't think they'll ever need to be upgraded!
Panel 4:
Nith: Wow! Those are some nice new shoulders! Hey wait, I thought you were a fire mage. Those have +frost damage on them...
Panel 5:
Nith: You could just respec... oh... no money? Too bad we can't just do some quests over again for gold!
Panel 6:
Nith: At least they let you raid! All they ever have me do is buff and sit in the corner while they laugh at my wet arcanite noodle... Oh well, Im still more useful than a feral druid!
Druid: Hey!!
Panel 7: Present day
Nith: You know what, it totally stunk back then! Lets go throw rocks at Deathwing and get this Cataclysm started already!