This one goes out to all you lucky peeps with beta keys!  And… to all you out there wishing you had one!  Ya know, up until about a week ago I really wanted to get in, but when my buddy (with a key) told us about all the horrible downloads you have to do… yeah… not exactly super fantabulous…

So yes, basically this is your beta… at least from how I hear it.  getting to see wicked awesome things first but at a price… your soul and your sanity having to wait a million years for it to download and every thing is all crazy and glitchy… with evil ghost boxes running around… fun times!

still… if blizz happens to have an extra one just laying around…  >)

Today’s guest appearance is Hextall, the lovable lock.

Who out there has themselves a Beta Key?!

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Transcript: English

Panel 1: Sindy is talking to Hex, showing off her beta key, when the little orc devil pops in
Hextall: Oh wow! Is that a beta key? I'd sell my soul for one!
Orc Devil: That... Can be arranged!
Panel 2: beta download screen showing you're only at 1% with 15.5gb to download at 12kbs... which will take forever!
Hextall: Um... Yeah... I'm starting to have second thoughts about this...
Orc Devil: Sorry! No returns or exchanges!