Alright guys, you MUST watch THIS youtube video first!


watched it?

lies!  do it!

Ok then, now that the song is thoroughly implanted into your brain, we can begin!  XD  So when my friend showed me that video, I knew I HAD to make this comic!  I mean, it was just too perfect a fit with the changes coming in Cata.  See, there will be a “Goblin Autobahn” or whatever it’s called where you rocket or drive around Azeroth… or at least in those starting/mid zones.  There are some videos that are pretty cool and I encourage everyone to watch.

But yeah… I can just see myself zipping around all happy on my crazy goblin engineered rocket mount through the autumn pines of Azashara when out of nowhere, Larion launches a blue turtle shell and sends me plummeting to my demise.

For anyone out there who never got to play this… The game I’m referring to is Mario Kart (wii) which is an amazing awesome game!  Except, of course, for Rainbow Road, which for the most part you’ll fly off the track and die just about every 10 seconds or so.

btw… I totally had that song either playing or singing the entire time I drew this… enjoy having it stuck in your head for the next few years!  MWAHAHAHAHAHA

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