And the polls are in! Varok Saurfang is the new Warchief of the Horde! And since my poll was “super official”, I shall expect a last minute update to the beta in some form of hotfix to reflect the results. Yup… aaaaaany minute now…

So anyways, while we wait on their programmers, lets have ourselves a chat. Last week I ran the comic Crocolisk Hunting and Nielsdejong mentioned we are getting our (the Horde) own green gnomes soon enough… These be words of both wisdom and horror.

Now last expansion there were squid goats from outer space and crazy fel magic addicted elves that graced our little Azeroth. Many people from the Alliance flooded over to the Horde, though mainly speculative, because we got a “pretty” race. Of course, we Hordes know the trolls are the true pretty race, however, we shall humor this reasoning. Now in Cata, there are two more races, teen wolf and gremlins… or something to that extent. And I wonder, how much cross faction migration will there be…

To Reroll Or Not Reroll? That Is The Poll!

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Paper Boy: Extra extra! Varok named new Warchief!
Panel 2:
Garrosh: This is so unfair! They promised I was next!
Bush: I got 3 words for you... Hanging chads!