Well gang, been wanting to do this one for a while now. I really enjoyed the movie and graphic novels! If you haven’t yet, go watch it (if it’s still out, idk!) or maybe the dvd will be here shortly. Or the books, which are really neat too! Been wanting the ps3 game too but haven’t gotten that one yet.

So yeah, the movie got me thinking about the wowland bosses and the reasons why we go deep into the dungeons to fight these guys.  Yeah, I guess there’s gold and gear to be had… and achievements and things like that.  Probably lore too…  But OTHER than that, lol!  Growing up on 80s video games, I feel like 90% of the plots were to rescue the princess from whatever impending doom.  Whatever happened to that?  And seeing that ps3 demo totally rekindled that kind of feeling.  So I think we need some good old fashioned princess savin’ missions or beating up the 7 evil exes or whatnot.  Can’t the Lich King toss a barrel or two?  Comeon!  >)

Anyways, check em out Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Movie & Books. And Game too!

Also, if you haven’t yet done so, check out my new comic What’s Shakin’!! It’s a hoot n a holler I tells ye!

Transcript: English

Nith: No really, even the trash mobs?