That’s right!  You can now have your own Chia Guy!  Just spread the seeds over the top, add water, cast Tree of Life, and watch it grow!  Fun for the whole family!

So yeah, not only are Druids losing their permatrees, but getting a new skin for it as well!  Although not technically part of the poll this week, I wonder how many Druids out there are happy/hateful of this change.  As for me… I liked the old tree better… At least you will get a glyph to change back.

(ps, this week’s cameo is Jacqkills)

Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes! Like em or what?

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Also!  Hope everyone had a happy Halloween this year!  Here’s a little picture of the pumpkin I carved.  >)

Transcript: English

Sindy: So, are you excited about your new tree form?
Jacqkillz: EXCITED?!
Jacqkillz: I'm excited that it only lasts 30 seconds!