Well, this was a fun little picture I had in the “to do queue” for a while.  >)

I especially had this on my mind when thinking about the WOTLK raiding and how we ret pallies had a good time of it.  With all of our increased dmg against undead/demons and extra spells to go with that, we had a bit of a good run since a LOT of raid bosses were, of course, undead or demons.  Not sure how we’ll pan out in the long run once CATA comes, but hopefully all of us hybrids will be going toe to toe with our damage.

Hmm… I wonder how well our trio will do against the final ICC boss; the Stay Puffed Marshmallow King.

Transcript: English

Nith: Wow, that's great... But how are we going to get our loot out?