What’s that old saying?  Careful what you wish for?  For the longest time, I’ve been crying for healing updates for my paladin.  I know many other healers will roll their eyes and say “but why QQ?  you have infinite mana and gigantic heals!”, but having 2-3 heals gets monotonous!  It reminds me of my days as a fire mage in Kara where I’d hit either Scorch or Fireball…  good times… But it all gets boring fast.

My happy little fantasy was that the pallies would get heals like shamens (shamen?  shamans? shamalamadingdongs?  oh I give up!).  Anyways!  My shammy was all heals and I loved it!  So yeah, I always wanted the pallies to get at least one or two similar spells to make it a little more, you know, fun!  >D

But what happens?  Craziness that’s what!  Granted we got a lot of new toys that I’m looking forward to playing with, but this Holy Radiance thing totally weirds me out!  It’s like a shaman’s Healing Stream Totem that can run.  Not sure if I’m sold on the idea of it just yet, but time will tell.  Still want my Holy Earth Shield though…

Today’s cameo is Jarkai

Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Nith: I can't take it anymore.
Panel 2:
Nith: I have only 3 healing spells. But I want it all! Chain healing, HOTS, AOES-- The works!
Panel 3:
Jarkai: You have come to the right shaman, young paladin.
Panel 4:
Jarkai: Now... Lets begin your "training".
Panel 5:
Nith: This is NOT what I meant!!!