Happy Turkey Day!  Err… tomorrow anyways…  >)

Just a little background for those unfamiliar with what’s going on…  Pilgrim’s Bounty is the wowland “Thanksgiving” festival.  During which, you can complete the achievement “Turkey Lurkey” where you have to turn all the rogue races into a turkey.  (I’m sure everyone know, cause they absolutely hate it, but Vanish is a rogue spell of overpoweredness.  lol)

This week’s cameo is Krusherz

Do you like ingame holidays that mirror real holidays?

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Sindy: Hey! You got us a turkey for Pilgrim's Bounty!
Panel 2:
Sindy: Where'd it go?!
Krusherz: Oh, he just used Vanish. Don't worry, I'll go get a flare.