Cata wha?  This new expanision is all about the Gamon!  Recently, when I researched for the Hard Mode mini, I noticed that our buddy Gamon got a considerable buff!  For those not of the Horde persuasion, Gamon is a low level neutral Tauren that sits in time out in the Orgrimmar inn…  Of course, since he’s neutral, he gets constantly killed.  I think he was for a rogue quest or something.  Anyways, the powers that be decided to light a fire in his trousers and beefed him up to a raid level boss!

I for one hope he does some random attacks upon the city of Orgrimmar, just to exact his revenge!

Ps… I added a Google Translate via the flags next to the blog post.  Hopefully they help my international friends and not translate the site into something that’d put the Engrish people to shame.  >)

Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Gamon: I've been robbed
Panel 2:
Gamon: Stabbed
Panel 3:
Gamon: Beaten
Panel 4:
Gamon: Shot
Panel 5:
Gamon: Frozen
Panel 6:
Gamon: Shocked
Panel 7:
Gamon: Burned
Panel 8:
Gamon: And tortured
Panel 9:
Gamon: Imprisoned for a crime I didn't commit
Judge: I sentence you to 25 years of time out!
Panel 10:
Gamon: But all that will soon change
Fire Demon: Pst (whisper)...
Panel 11:
Gamon: With the price of my battered soul
Panel 12:
Gamon: I shall tear this world asunder!