Tired of paying mages to port you?  Warlocks siphoning all your gold?  Flight Masters annoying you with demeaning security check points and overcharging you for all your extra bags?  Then fly Troll Air!  For just pennies you could have your very own troll chauffeur for all your travel needs!

Ok, when I heard about the new troll druids, I was ecstatic!  No more are we bound to being mad cows!  But then I saw the troll druid flight form… which looked like… kinda like the movie The Fly if a troll and windrider got fused together.  Very strange!

Not to mention, to my dismay, the lack of proper transportation in two of my favorite cities!  Guess there’s no reason to have my hearth bound to Dal anymore.  So this is probably the golden age of the mage and warlock now.  Just hope they make it so you can hop aboard your troll buddies someday.  >)

How do you feel about the portal nerfs?

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