Saaaaay Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!  A tuesday update?  Well, tis the season for secret santas over at and I got my good buddy Aza’s! So this friday’s is a tuesday!  Yay for early updates!

Aza runs a comic over at, updated tuesdays, and is a hilarious wowland inspired comic.  You should definitely give it a read from the start, but if you’d like to catch up a little quicker, then check out the Latest Story Arc!  The characters from left to right are Solstia (in the foreground… and yes… she gets knocked out a lot!), Cyndrei, Detective Innervate Druid O’Thunderbluff, Azarizotza, and Xandaria.

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(ps… for the non-warriors/pallies… Concussive Blow is a warrior stun and pallies, well… if they had any more, we’d just call them rogues!)

Transcript: English

Xandy: What happened to her?
Aza: Looks like she got a Concussive Blow for christmas!
Xandy: Great! Cause paladins need even more stuns, right?