So, this is a little follow up to the one I did a while back… I’ve tried, I really have, to get into a lot of these F2P “free to play” games, and although some are well done visually and/or mechanically, they all fail terribly in one regard- they’re not free.

And this above all else drives me insane! I’d almost rather purchase the game once or pay for a subscription because I it just feels like if you were to get into any of them, the same way we are into wowcraft, then we’d need to take out a loan and a second mortgage on the house for the same level of play.

Then there’s LOTRO “Lord of the Rings Online”, that started off like wowland, but then went freebie… well… sort of. See, I fell for it, made my little dwarf and after hours of figuring out what the heck the difference between three of the warrior classes that were basically the same, I realized that it was just the 1st level of the game that was free… xpacs not included. So it’s like if you could play warcraft for free but realized it was only wow-classic!

Anyways, I wont get into the little points on the other F2P games that make you buy from the item shops or are covered with banner ads, but would like to just toss out a little survey…

(This week’s cameo is Nicehairdude)

Do you want Wowcraft to be Free To Play?

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Nicehairdude: Hey! Want to sign my petition to make warcraft free to play?
Sindy: Um, that sounds like a bad idea...
Nicehairdude: Why's that?
Panel 2:
Nicehairdude: Check out my new sword! Got it for only $50 from the item store!