Well, this has been one in the back of the ol sketchbook for a while… Anyways, if you’ve never come across it before, the Elixir of Giant Growth is a lowbie elixir that gives you 8 str and a little bump to your height. The ingredients aren’t overly painful to get, though as a previous Ally, it proved sometimes difficult on a pvp server. But yeah, fun story, I actually used that line in trade chat to sell them by the caseload to people! It was a crazy hot commodity! It’s sad when you run around getting all these awesome flask recipes and whatnot, and what makes you the most money is a low level item. But I tell you it worked! My marketing with that got me enough gold to buy a mount and then some! (in wowclassic that is, which in my day, a mount was a lotta money!)

How do you makes the moolahs?

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